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IMAF - 16th World Cup Championships


Localización Bilbao, Spain

Bilbao Spain will host this year's 16th World Championships for the International Martial Arts Federation (IMAF). Those that are members of the IMAF sign up and compete for your country. Each country has a chance to prove themselves in this Martial Arts tournament that has the best Masters and students participating for the past 30 years.

Organizer of this event is Master Patxi Wei Zhong Marta of Spain as the IMAF Prsident of Spain.

Start organizing your countryman and women to be part of this great event.

Organizing the demonstrations and competitors so send me your email and fill out a form to compete.

All countries I need to know if you would like to be any of these judges, competitors, referees, timers or volunteers.

I am getting the USA team ready for this event and if you are interested in competing for your country please email me so I can get you signed up. You will need a Passport and weigh in for the fighters. Kung Fu, Taiji, Hsing Yi, Bagua, Karate, Shotokan, Tae Kwon Do, MMA, Full Contact, Point Fighting, Continous Sparring, Sanda, Kick Boxing, Push Hands, Short & Long Weapons, Internal, External and workshops available.

Fechas 13-10-2017 09:00

Fechas 14-10-2017 09:00

Fechas 15-10-2017 09:00

WebWeb: Más información sobre el Evento

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